Kabjnil Churn

KABZNIL Churn is Like a God Gift in chronic as well as occasional constipation, gastric reflux, headache and acidity. KABZNIL effective relief in severe constipation. It contains a blend of pure and powerful natural herbs like Himej, Black Salt, Senna Leaves, Ajwain, Nisot, Hing, Sunth and many others that prove to be very helpful in curing constipation, gas acidity, headache and mouth
ulcer. KABZNIL also bring the digestive system in order. It is safe and non habit forming. The KABZNIL Churn is having multiple action by cleansing “Herb” a primary chemical constituent of the herbs is sinusoid, which irritates to the large intestine lining, causing
peristaltic action and bowel evacuation and also help temporarily to prevent fluid from being absorbed from the large intestine, thus soften the stool, while another component of the churn having the properties of both a purgative laxative and lubricating bulk laxative, helps nutritionally as well as for blood and liver cleaning action the third component promotes digestion.

Ingredients : * Ajwain * Harikti * Senna leaves * lspaghula * Svarjiksar(Shudh) * Sonth * Nishoth * Sendha Namak * Jeera * Kala namak
* Amaltas * Triphala

Dosage: Adult: One Sachet full with a glass of water. Children: Above six years -Half of
the adult Dose. Or As Directed by Physician.

Other Details: Pack Size: Laminated Sachet 3gm & HOPE Bottles 100 gm

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